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Thursday, January 2, 2014

A different kind of Christmas

Last year we spent my little guys first Christmas back home (my home) in Texas. Although we really enjoyed our time with friends and family it was hard to do the things we'd normally do at home. It was very hard to really fully enjoy ourselves as we traveled to visit with relatives, split up family time etc. We traveled back to our home in New Mexico on Christmas Day, along with everyone else with that bright idea to travel on that day. Needless to say after that we decided traveling for the holidays wasn't going to happen this year. 

So that's exactly what happened, this year along with a move, a new house, and settling into our new home and new city we celebrated Christmas just the three of us. It turned out to be a pretty perfect Christmas. Not because we weren't around family (having family around would've made it that much better) but really we weren't rushed to be somewhere at a certain time, we didn't have a large meal to slave over (even though my hubby decided to make tamales) and most of all we were able to focus totally on our little guy. 

We were able to enjoy staying up until midnight putting his gift (that Santa dropped off) together, wrapping it together, and best of all enjoyed watching how much he loved his gift as he unwrapped it. I often think back to my amazing Christmas/ family memories and become very sad because my little guy won't ever have that. He won't ever be surrounded by three or four generations of family celebrating a holiday. I think that's why it's so important for me and my hubby to try our best to provide the traditions we do want him to remember. Hopefully one day he'll look back on these memories and they will bring a smile to his face. 

So although this was a very different type of Christmas, I wouldn't have it any other way. Here are a few things we did on our Christmas Eve & Christmas Day. 
He had his own Christmas tree in his room.

We started Christmas Eve with some painting for a little 2013 keepsake. This was immediately followed by a bath.

He decorated cookies but mostly ate sprinkles by licking the icing off.

Santa brought him a potty which he sits on everyday but hasn't gone in it yet.

His main gift from Santa :). Poppa worked hard to put this together. I guess the elves ran out of time.

So as we start this New Year I hope that our little family continues to start new family traditions and that we make lots of great memories for our little guy.

Happy 2014 from our family to yours!