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Sunday, January 5, 2014

What's stopping you?

As part of our move we became members of a nearby gym that has child care. I went to my initial evaluation on Tuesday to set goals and meet with a trainer. I explained to him that I wanted to have more energy and loose weight. I honestly haven't been to a gym in three years!!

We put a goal sheet plan together and he asked if it was realistic for me to meet my goals, and then it happened. I hesitated in saying yes because I got a flash of everything that could possibly get in the way of achieving my goals. Pre mommyhood I would have said "yes" with no hesitation, but now things are so different. I then said well I have to see how things work with him, as I pointed to my little guy. The 50+ year old trainer looked puzzled and brushed that off and said well we have child care as if to say what's the big deal. But to me it is a giant deal. I know that my baby has never stayed with a stranger I know that this move has caused him a lot of anxiety about being separated from me in particular because when his poppa is gone I'm the only one that is always here for him.

So here I am trying to figure out how to make this new place and new people who will watch my little guy at the gym fun for him. I'm thinking of ways that I can help ease his anxiety and praying that he'll understand that he'll be ok and that I will be back to pick him up. Saturday he stayed in the child care but he cried the whole time and they had to page my hubby to go get him. 

I've seriously considered staying at the gym during the weekday mornings to see when it's least busy so I can go to the gym on those days. Meeting with the staff and finding one person AJ loves and just going to the gym when that person works. I know it's good for him to learn to be away from me and he is getting so much better at the church nursery but there it's always the same person watching him so he's at least getting more and more used to her. The gym is a whole different ball game, it's young workers and different people all the time.

I will keep you posted on how he does, I have an appt with a trainer tomorrow morning so hopefully my little guy will be ok. Do you have any suggestions on how to help my little guy deal with seperation anxiety? I'd love to hear any suggestions.