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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Let's Boogie

Keeping my little guy clean is a pretty hard task. He loves oatmeal and yogurt and often gets his face pretty crusty with left overs from breakfast. Instead of rubbing his face to try to get the dried up oatmeal or yogurt off I love using boogie wipes. Here's his yogurt face:

Boogie Wipes are moist saline wipes that help take any dried up food, boogs or anything else that is crusty and dried onto your face. This moist wipe makes it easy to wipe off and when your little one is sick their noses get red and irritated when you continuously use a dry tissue, so before you get to that point I'd recommend using the boogie wipes and avoid irritating your little ones nose. 

They are also very refreshing. On our summer trip to TX I would use the boogie wipe to wipe down my little guys face and help cool him down. I even used Boogie Wipes for this purpose and it felt so great and refreshing!

Boogie wipes come in three scents: unscented, fresh scent (my favorite) and a grape scent (usually older kids love the grape scent). The saline mist is a new product. Living in the dry desert we use saline spray very often to help moisten my little guys nose. It's especially helpful during allergy season. 

Since then a new product called Puffs Fresh Faces has made its debut. Puffs Fresh Faces are patented and uniquely formulated with natural saline, aloe and vitamin E for all your face has to face each day. This is a saline wipe for adults. I use it to remove my makeup at the end of the day and right after my gym workout. It is so great to refresh your face. Saline is a natural way to help remove your makeup, wipe your nose, or freshen up after a workout or long day. 

Puffs fresh faces also come in a variety of scents. I love the way the lavender smells, but my favorite is the fresh scent wipe. If you have a cold try the Vicks scented wipe. They also have an unscented wipe for those with delicate skin. I have delicate skin and my skin does fine with the unscented and fresh scent, I can't use the lavender scented wipe (although the smell is amazing). Of course the Vicks wipes are only for your nose. I keep a small pack of puffs fresh faces in my gym bag and use it to freshen up right after my workout.

As some of you know, I am an Ambassador for Boogie Wipes and my team #BusyBodyMoms is hosting a giveaway. Please go to a fellow ambassadors blog, below, to sign up for the giveaway. Don't forget to go to the Boogie Wipes Facebook page and like them first. 

You can view the blog giveaway below or by going to this link:

I'm excited to start handing out my samples, coupons and prizes to the new moms I'm meeting in AZ and our new doctors offices. 

****Disclosure: These opinions are my own and I was sent the above products as part of being a Boogie Wipes ambassador. ****
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