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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Targets $10 off of $50 grocery coupon

Last night I stayed up making my plan, my list and gathering coupons into my Target envelope. My goal was to buy $52 worth of groceries for under $36 and I think I even surprised myself. Here's a look at my receipt.

As you know, I have a toddler. So when we got up this morning, I didn't turn on the tv or open the door to the play room. My little guy went to the potty and I quickly got him dressed. I treated him to Starbucks (it's in the same shopping plaza as the target). 

I had my emergency weapons for him: a lollipop, m&m's, his kindle and my phone apps to try to keep him entertained during the shopping trip. Luckily, we didn't need to take out the candy which is reserved only for super emergencies as he doesn't really ever eat candy (unless grandma and grandpa are around). 

There have been tons of match ups but I wanted to buy things that I would normally buy, I didn't want ten boxes of pasta or spaghetti sauce or frozen food (except ice cream of course). So this is the list I came up with.

18 items for $36.15 plus I received 2- $5 gift cards. Pretty good, I think.

Most coupons were from the 5/11 (silk) & 5/18 (skinny girl, skinny cow, banana boat & $10 target coupon) paper, target printable coupons (sargento, bagels, $10 off $59 target coupon also available to print), target mobile coupons (Hebrew & Stonyfield- which for some reason didn't ring up) and the Sargento manufacturer coupon of .55 off of 1 thin slices was in this months issue of Parents and then of course the cartwheel is the last way I saved. 

This is what I bought:
Market pantry popcorn 
Kashi granola bars (on clearance)
Kashi cereal bar
Skinny girl stevia sweetener
Market pantry sweetener
Silk almond milk
Stony field yokids yogurt
Sargento thin slices
Market pantry wheat bagels (2)
Hebrew national hot dogs (2) - for weekend BBQ
Skinny cow ice cream (4) *gift card
Banana boat after sun lotion (2) * gift card

I had a total savings of $39.07 and paid $36.15.

My little guy did fantastic and even helped me push the cart to the cashier. Any longer though and he would have lost it, so I got out just in time, this time :).

Good luck!! Please let me know how you use your $10 off $50 coupon!! I'm making another run tomorrow for meat!

Happy couponing.