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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Part 2: Targets $10 of $50

So last night I stayed up again to redo my grocery list and organize myself for another target run. I decided to get beef for our hamburger BBQ this weekend. That was the majority part of my purchase. I then figured out from my grocery list what I could get from target. I found myself gravitating to buying stuff I didn't need or would never use so I had to stay focused so it would make sense for my needs. 

I was really having a hard time wrapping my head around paying targets high prices for meats but I convinced myself that the target $10 coupon would bring the actual price down by a lot per lb so that's how I decided to look at this trip. 

One thing I have been doing is having an alternate list of a few items I can buy in case other things from my list are out of stock or not on sale for the price I expected. 

I had seen a list by Moms By Heart that had Zevia priced out to $3.33 but I didn't know if my target had it at that price so that was a big maybe for my list. Luckily it was on sale 3 for $10 and I had $2 off coupons so I bought this soda which normally retails for $5.99 a six pack for $1.33 a six pack. 

When I got to target I was surprised to find lots of packages of beef with $3 off coupons!! This made the beef cheaper than I could have gotten it at other grocery stores where it was on sale!! Whew that was such a relief and great surprise. That allowed me to pick up some yummy clearance items that were not on my list. 

So here is what I bought. 
I also used my $10 gift cards from yesterday so out of pocket I paid $31.66 in cash.

I think this was another great shopping run!!

I didn't have as many coupons this time but those $3 coupons on the meat made up for it!!

Happy couponing!!