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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

No Sew Fire Fighter outfit

I love to make things for my little guy, however, I usually have a very limited window of time where he is asleep long enough to get much done. With that said, I'm always looking for simple yet nice things that I can do myself. 

A couple of weeks ago I was asked what my little guy was going to be for Halloween, I honestly hadn't given it much thought with our upcoming move and all. I started thinking of what interests my little guy has and also the weather. He gets hot very easily so I didn't want a bulky costume. I remembered that he loves his rain boots, I usually have to hide them otherwise he wants to wear them everyday. So I started my Pinterest search so that I could create a fire fighter outfit.

I found several ideas that I liked and started gathering my materials. Here's the link to the Pin that inspired me.

I purchased a black jacket and black pants 
and the helmet. Total spent on the clothing 
was about $14 and $6 for the helmet.
I also purchased some duct tape ($3) in a neon 
green, I could not find red or yellow but my 
dad reassured me it would look fine. I
followed the example and added the stripes 
to the clothing.
I wanted to add the silver line but the duct 
tape I had at home was very wrinkled so I 
used some shimmery sticker paper that I had
in my craft room and just cut it into strips and 
placed  in the middle of each neon stripe.
And there you go a fire fighter outfit. I had seen
 some that retailed for $19.99 but the quality 
was horrible. I know my little guy will be 
comfortable in this outfit and if I really 
want to I can simply take the tape off and 
reuse the clothing.

I can't wait to see my little guy in this outfit :).
This project didn't take much time maybe 
two hours max and that's with interruptions.