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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Table and chair makeover

I've been wanting to buy my little guy a table and chair set for a while now. I thought this would be great for working on projects, eating snacks etc. I knew I didn't want a picnic table type because I was afraid he'd fall, or worse want to balance on the bench like I accidentally taught him to do on our planters. 

I've been checking on Craigslist for several months until I finally scored!! I saw two separate posts, one for 2 chairs ($5) and one for a table ($10). Luckily both were still available.

So I bought them and knew that I wanted to repaint them. After reading several Pinterest posts I settled on going with the valspar spray paint for plastics.
I got it in red so that it could go with his Baseball theme room. This paint was $5.44 at Lowe's. I took the legs off of the table and washed the surface of the table and chairs with soap and water.

The table and chairs had water in them so my dad drilled a small hole for the water to drain from them. He then sprayed the table top and chairs.

Here's the finished product. 
The fresh coat of paint gave new life to these old faded items. I can't wait to move into our new house and find the perfect spot for this.

Don't mind my little guy, he was smelling rose petals. He loved the table and chairs too!! For a little over $20 I have a great  table for my little guy!! This was a very quick and very easy project and well worth it. These sets run anywhere from $50-$60 for the set.