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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Why I decided to take back my health

I'm a busy mom of two very active boys and a husband that travels frequently for his work. Between figuring out life with two small children, dealing with my recurring back pain and a traveling husband, I had little time to focus on eating healthy and taking care of my body. This led to weight gain, back aches, mood swings and low energy levels. It got to the point where it was affecting my everyday life as a wife and mother.

Thinking about what life would be like down the road if I didn't make any changes to the way I was living was a terrifying thought. During my second pregnancy I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. This, along with my age (I realized I would be 51 when my oldest son graduates high school!!), led me to finally make the decision to turn things around. My husband was on a similar path with his health and we both knew we had to change. We decided together that we needed to change our habits and take back our health.

We had tried changing our eating habits in the past but never made any real progress, short of loosing a few pounds here and there. I knew if we were really going to succeed this time, we couldn't do this alone. My husband's restless nights, our lack of energy and cravings for unhealthy food were still part of our everyday life. We knew we were going to need some help to detox our bodies in a major way and get our health back on track.

A friend of ours introduced us to Plexus over a year ago and I have sat and watched the wonderful results that these products have delivered for others. After making the decision to make healthy living our number one priority, we knew that we needed to go all in with Plexus. We chose Plexus because we like the fact that it is all plant based, it uses Stevia instead of artificial sweeteners, is gluten free and has no preservatives. When I researched the Plexus products, I discovered that they help your body balance blood sugar levels, improve your gut health and reduce inflammation. These were some of the things we needed help with so we knew we had chosen the right products to help us on our journey to retake our health.

Both my husband and I have recently started on Plexus and are excited to see the results our commitment will bring. We know this will not be a quick fix. It took a long time to get our health where it is today so we know it will take time, effort and consistency on our part to get healthy again. If anyone out there wants to join us on this journey and get their health back on track, I would love to help you!