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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Before motherhood views meets REALITY

As I mentioned in one of my previous post, I had my list of "I'd never" items. The one I thought for sure I'd never do was put my child in a harness. The realities of motherhood and my little guys temperament has led to him wearing a harness.
After a trip to the store where he refused to sit in the shopping cart I took him out and put him right next to me, we were in the toy section and I was reaching into a bin to get an item towards the bottom. In those 5 seconds that it took to pull out the item I looked, and my heart stopped, he was no where near me!! I started to panic, yelling out his name, it was a small store but he wasn't anywhere in sight. I walked around frantically and found him in another section puzzled and looking around. In that instant I had a flashback of when my parents lost me at Kroger and I vowed to break down and get a harness.

I know, I know... You think well why don't you just hold his hand. Well I would if he would let me but he usually shakes and pulls away from my hand. He has a mind of his own and when he gets it in his tiny head to do something he does everything he can to complete the task, so instead we went to go get him a harness. 

He likes it and I enjoy giving him the freedom he wants while still keeping him close to me and safe. I feel so much guilt and often wonder what people may think when I use the harness. Honestly most people can't stop commenting on how cute he looks with his little back pack. 

As a new mom I've realized that its my job to keep my little guy safe and happy no matter what. If wearing this gives him that little bit of freedom he needs then I say why not. I mean don't get me wrong he doesn't always wear it. Sometimes I intentionally go to the store for no purpose but to chase him around, he really loves those trips to toys r us or target. 

In these pictures we were at the botanical gardens with friends and yes my little guy enjoyed his time with and without the harness.