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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My before baby views meet my new reality

Prior to having a baby I had certain ideas about what my life would be like as a mom. I remember thinking that I would use all of my early childhood and early brain development knowledge to play exciting games, develop my own activities and provide my baby with amazing learning experiences. The reality is that it seems like these 17 months have flown by and I haven't utilized my knowledge as much as I had hoped.

As soon as we brought AJ home it was like everything was thrown out the window. I was simply trying to survive. I had always imagined being a mom but never really knew what that meant and how to really do it. It really took almost 3 or 4 months before things finally started to feel comfortable. 

Before motherhood I had a list of things that I vowed to never do, I had told myself, I'm not going to be THAT mom. But Hello, I am THAT mom. These are the things that I never thought I'd do, but they work so I gotta do what I gotta do for my mommy loving, picky eater, and adventurous little guy. In my next couple of blogs I will go into detail on some of these things.

1. I cosleep with my little guy
2. I broke down and bought a harness for him.
3. He watches TV while I cook or if he wakes up at 3 a.m. (like he did today).
4. I sit in the back seat of the car with him when someone else can drive.
5. I often feed him while he plays or watches TV because I can get him to eat more that way.

Oh mommy hood is not that fairy tale that I had imagined, it's hard work, and sometimes what works best for your child isn't what you imagined. As moms we do what we can and always try do our best given the circumstance and our child's temperament.